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Volunteers Tackle a Week of Fires and Emergencies in Sewickley


In a week marked by relentless calls to action, the brave volunteers of the Sewickley area fire departments demonstrated unwavering commitment and skill, responding to a series of critical incidents, including three significant fires that challenged their resolve and resources.

The series of urgent responses began on March 9th when units were dispatched to a fire alarm in Box 127-01, indicating a fire in the attic of a local residence. 258 Truck and Rescue Engine were on the scene, operating tirelessly for nearly two hours to bring the blaze under control before they could return to service. In a display of dedication and community support, the Rescue Engine provided coverage for Station 127, ensuring no gap in emergency response capabilities following the incident.

The situation escalated on March 12th with a call to Box 129-01, where units faced the aftermath of a house explosion—a rare and dangerous scenario that poses unique challenges to emergency responders. 258 Truck and Engine were once again at the forefront, working on-site for approximately five hours to manage the emergency. The incident left a mark on the team, who extended their thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the distressing event.

Later the same day, the call to Box 197-01 summoned units to a second alarm fire, reported as a roof on fire. Upon arrival, responders found a rooftop HVAC unit ablaze. Thanks to the swift action of the Engine, Truck, and Squad, the fire was contained and extinguished in less than an hour, allowing units to return to service promptly.

Beyond these notable fires, Sewickley’s volunteers were kept on their toes, responding to a variety of other alarms, medical emergencies, and dispatched fires throughout the week. Their relentless dedication and the seamless coordination between units underscore the critical role volunteer firefighters play in ensuring the safety and well-being of their communities.

As Sewickley continues to recover from the week’s events, the courage and perseverance of its volunteer fire units remain a beacon of hope and a testament to the community’s resilience in the face of adversity.