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Do you have what it takes to impact lives, dedicate yourself to the safety of our community, and unite with a team of dedicated heroes? Cochran Hose Company is calling on those with a heart for service and a drive to make a meaningful contribution to a cause that safeguards and enhances our way of life. Your decision to join our team is a bold step towards ensuring public safety, acquiring essential life-saving skills, and fostering strong relationships within our community.

You don’t need to have firefighting experience—just a readiness to embrace our training and embody the values of courage, dedication, and honor. We offer thorough training to equip you with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed as a firefighter, an emergency responder, or an invaluable member of our support crew. This is more than responding to calls—it’s your chance to enact lasting, positive change in the lives of our neighbors.

Begin your journey to joining the esteemed Cochran Hose Company ranks today. Stand beside us and shine as a beacon of resilience and guardianship in the hearts and homes of those we are committed to serving.

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Find Your Place: Cochran Hose Company Membership Openings

Cochran Hose Company is a beacon of dedication and service in our community, offering a spectrum of opportunities for involvement. We open our doors to all who have a passion for making a positive impact. Whether your strengths lie in active emergency response or you thrive in vital support functions, your commitment is invaluable. Select the role that aligns with your skills and embark on your path as a valued volunteer with us today!

Active Members

Active members form the core response team, engaging directly in emergency situations with courage and skill. They receive comprehensive training to combat fires, conduct rescues, and provide immediate assistance during crises. These individuals are the frontline defenders of our community's safety.

Associate Members

Associate Members serve operationally while primarily affiliated with another department, meeting Cochran Hose Company's stringent certification standards, including Firefighter 1, Vehicle Rescue Technician, and Hazardous Materials Operations.

Quick Response Service (QRS) Only

QRS-only members specialize in rapid medical response, delivering critical care when seconds count. These responders are trained in life-saving techniques, ensuring swift and efficient on-scene treatment to stabilize patients until further medical help arrives.

Support Members

Support members are the backbone of our logistical operations, ensuring that our active responders have the necessary tools and resources at all times. They manage equipment, maintain facilities, and provide essential services that enable our team to operate effectively.

Junior Members (Ages 14-17)

Junior members are aspiring young heroes learning the ropes of firefighting and rescue services. They engage in training and educational programs, preparing them for future roles as active members, while instilling the values of service and community commitment.

How Will You Make Your Impact with Us?

Benefits of Volunteering

Joining the Cochran Hose Company as a volunteer brings a wealth of benefits, both personally and professionally. Here’s a comprehensive list that highlights the advantages:

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Volunteering with Cochran Hose Company offers a unique opportunity to contribute, grow, and stand out as part of a team dedicated to making a real difference.