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Cochran Hose Company Enhances Emergency Response with Innovative LUCAS Device


The Cochran Hose Company is excited to announce the recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art LUCAS chest compression device, marking a significant advancement in the company’s emergency medical response capabilities. As a certified Quick Response Service (QRS) agency, Cochran Hose Company plays a crucial role in providing immediate medical support alongside ambulance services within their coverage area.

The introduction of the LUCAS device is a game-changer for both firefighters and medical personnel, offering mechanical chest compressions to patients experiencing cardiac arrest. This innovative tool is designed to improve patient outcomes by ensuring consistent, high-quality chest compressions, which are critical during the golden hour of emergency care. The benefits of the LUCAS device include increased blood flow to the brain, enhanced compression quality, reduced physical strain on emergency responders, and a higher likelihood of restoring spontaneous circulation in patients.

Cochran Hose Company is proud to integrate this life-saving technology into their response arsenal. The deployment of the LUCAS device underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced tools and techniques to save lives and better serve the community. This addition is anticipated to make a significant difference in emergency scenarios, where every second counts.

The community can look forward to an even higher level of care and efficiency from Cochran Hose Company, as they continue to invest in innovations that enhance their service quality and effectiveness. The introduction of the LUCAS chest compression device is just one example of the company’s dedication to excellence in emergency response and patient care.