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Easter Joy in Edgeworth: Cochran Hose Company Teams Up with the Easter Bunny


In the brisk morning air of Edgeworth, the Cochran Hose Company crew embarked on a delightful mission to assist the Easter Bunny with the annual Easter egg hunt. Despite the chill, spirits were high as the community’s children embarked on their adventurous quest for hidden treasures.

The event, a cherished tradition in Edgeworth, was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Easter Bunny, the Edgeworth Borough Council, and the Edgeworth Police Department, who extended a warm invitation to the Cochran Hose Company to join in the festivities. Their collective efforts ensured a memorable day for all involved, highlighting the strong sense of community and cooperation that thrives in Edgeworth.

As the children scampered across the green, laughter and excitement filled the air, undeterred by the cold temperatures. The success of the event was a testament to the community’s ability to come together and create joyous moments, even in the chill of early spring.

The Cochran Hose Company extends heartfelt thanks to the Easter Bunny, the Edgeworth Borough Council, and the Edgeworth Police for another opportunity to be part of this wonderful tradition. Their dedication to bringing happiness to the community’s youngest members is deeply appreciated, and the crew looks forward to assisting with more events in the future.

As the community reflects on a successful Easter egg hunt, the Cochran Hose Company remains committed to serving and engaging with the people of Edgeworth, fostering a safe and supportive environment for all.